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Good News

It is official. The insurance company that our restaurant uses has agreed that his injury warrants workers' comp and will cover Kristopher's medical bills. I nearly cried today out of relief. Things are a much easier now.

Angry but Hopeful

TL;DR Kristopher's surgeon is a horrible, presumptuous human being, but I'm glad that Kris'll be better soon.

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Today, I bring you a random thought. I like getting things in the mail, but every penpal I've had has just stopped on me one day without explanation. Still, I enjoy getting letters. Once(about a year ago) Kris actually sent me a letter to cheer me up even though we live in the same apartment. It is the little and goofy things like that which make me smile when I think about us.

Short thought

Today, I made enough to cover what I didn't have of my rent, completely pay for my half water, and cover the entire comcast bill. But that doesn't mean I had a good night. It was stressful, and so many people were mad. But when I tell people what I made it tips, they think it was a good night. I don't know why that seems so absurd to me.

Past Work/New Happiness

Last year, I worked at the worst job I've ever had and for the worst boss I've ever had. I was a manager, and without fail, I cried every night. The store I worked for was going to ruins quickly. Bossman would show up yell and blame. Then he would leave and send texts to us about the same things that he yelled about. It didn't matter if I was at the store or not, I was getting a text, and it was still somehow my fault. It was a constant anxiety nightmare. For months, I couldn't handle my phone going off because I thought it might be him.

Now I don't work for him, and I don't work there. Even though I haven't since last December, that fact still makes me very happy. I remember Bossman now and again when I'm at my new job. I remember him when my new job runs out of clean glasses or when I get lectured for something I didn't do. I remember him, and things don't seem so bad. So, I guess in a weird way I am glad I worked for Bossman.

...But seriously he is a dickbag, and I wouldn't have worked for him if I didn't just desperately need money to pay for Kristopher's surgery.

Pause in School

Right now, I'm working full time while 'taking a semester off."

I don't know why, but school has just become more and more difficult. Each semester starts strong, but then I miss a class because I need sleep. Then I miss another one because I'm embarrassed to go back. Then I've missed a week's worth a class, and I can't bear to show my face to my teacher who I have let down. But my logical side supplies that I haven't let that teacher down because that teacher doesn't care. That fact doesn't help. Then I'm missing classes as I lose sleep swinging from upset to worried.

I realized at the beginning of this semester that I've been on my last semester for a year and half. Each time I told myself "ONE MORE PUSH" and then fell flat. So, I'm not going for a last push anymore, but a drawn out conclusion. If it takes me a year or two or even three, I will finish, but torturing myself and drowning half way through isn't how it is done. I'm going back in the fall, but I'm only going to take one class.

In this time in between, I'm getting an amazing amount of reading done.

Writer's Block: Singles Awareness Day

Do you love or hate Valentine’s Day?

As Young Adult Fiction Authour John Green has noted, if you need a day to remind you to like your romantic partner, you are doing it wrong.

Valentine's Day exaggerates what should be there already and near constantly. Love is not material by any means, but showing love can be. Why does it have to be Valentine's Day?

You should do things for the people you love, but those things shouldn't necessarily have to fall on this day. In fact, ideally, you should have you own special day. It could be an anniversary or just a day that you have personally chosen to make sure you remember to make your loved one or ones feel special.

Valentine's Day isn't all bad though. It is a nice cycle bust. Plus, for those that have a difficult time being expressly romantic without feeling silly or awkward, it gives them an excuse to try.


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Old Pains

Lacey, my niece, is in kindergarten. They've learned their letters and have started to read. She loves to spell things as she hears them and get the praise that follows.

I hated spelling in school. It was always my lowest score. It never made sense! To this day, there are many words that I spell correctly after two or three tries and then only because it "looks right." I just don't understand it and how it is supposed to make sense.

What I hate more is that it is taught as if it does make sense. There are several spelling rules that give the illusion of someday figuring it all out. That will never happen.

I hate not knowing how to explain why things happen. I hate how many words are simply recognized by sight and not the "sounding it out" process. I hate having to tell Lacey she is wrong when she spells "n-o-o." I hate not knowing why it is "n-e-w" instead when the cow says "m-o-o."

Aside from the initial disappointment of getting things wrong, Lacey seems okay with the arrangement and continues to avidly spell any words she thinks are short enough for her to handle. So, I guess everything is alright. I just don't like it.

Over Your Head?

So, recently I've been thinking about projects being too large for the person trying to complete them.

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