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Old Pains

Lacey, my niece, is in kindergarten. They've learned their letters and have started to read. She loves to spell things as she hears them and get the praise that follows.

I hated spelling in school. It was always my lowest score. It never made sense! To this day, there are many words that I spell correctly after two or three tries and then only because it "looks right." I just don't understand it and how it is supposed to make sense.

What I hate more is that it is taught as if it does make sense. There are several spelling rules that give the illusion of someday figuring it all out. That will never happen.

I hate not knowing how to explain why things happen. I hate how many words are simply recognized by sight and not the "sounding it out" process. I hate having to tell Lacey she is wrong when she spells "n-o-o." I hate not knowing why it is "n-e-w" instead when the cow says "m-o-o."

Aside from the initial disappointment of getting things wrong, Lacey seems okay with the arrangement and continues to avidly spell any words she thinks are short enough for her to handle. So, I guess everything is alright. I just don't like it.