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My boyfriend(and popular jokes around his social circle) talks about how he lives in such a unsafe, bad neighborhood. In fact, they say that he lives on "the bad side of town," but I hadn't heard that until I started hanging around him. I asked some of my friends later about it, and they agreed that he does live in a horribly unsafe neighborhood.I was surprised that I hadn't heard about it when I've lived in the same city nearly my whole life, but I accepted it.

While most of the comments are said in jest, I know that he believes it through his actions. Just for example, he doesn't like me walking around his place alone at anytime and won't let do so at night at all. One time I went outside to jump his friend's car. His friend had forgotten his hat and went back inside to find it. I stayed outside to wait on him and was greeted moments later by my boyfriend running to the parking lot who had left the apartment without shoes in his haste to make sure that I wasn't alone.

Today, because I was bored, I decided to look up some crime maps with a brief google search.

According to crimemapping.com in the past week, his neighborhood has had one account of theft and one vehicle break-in, and mine three counts of vandalism, one vehicle break-in, three assaults, one theft, and one burglary. What I am saying is WTF. How is it that your neighborhood gets the reputation, and my neighborhood looks decidedly less safe?

I'm not proud that we're the crime kings apparently, but I do wonder how the social acceptance of his neighborhood being the bad neighborhood happened.