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Past Work/New Happiness

Last year, I worked at the worst job I've ever had and for the worst boss I've ever had. I was a manager, and without fail, I cried every night. The store I worked for was going to ruins quickly. Bossman would show up yell and blame. Then he would leave and send texts to us about the same things that he yelled about. It didn't matter if I was at the store or not, I was getting a text, and it was still somehow my fault. It was a constant anxiety nightmare. For months, I couldn't handle my phone going off because I thought it might be him.

Now I don't work for him, and I don't work there. Even though I haven't since last December, that fact still makes me very happy. I remember Bossman now and again when I'm at my new job. I remember him when my new job runs out of clean glasses or when I get lectured for something I didn't do. I remember him, and things don't seem so bad. So, I guess in a weird way I am glad I worked for Bossman.

...But seriously he is a dickbag, and I wouldn't have worked for him if I didn't just desperately need money to pay for Kristopher's surgery.